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Glimpses of Eternity

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"I think shared death experiences open up an entirely new avenue of rational enlightenment on the question of life after death. They also open a new avenue for scientific studies. And as these studies are completed, it will become clear that shared death experiences are the key to proving the existence of afterlife" says Raymond Moody in his recent book  Glimpses of Eternity. Moody is a psychologist and a medical doctor who spent his life researching a phenomenon of a near death experience (the term he coined in seventies). The results of his study were published in his first book, in 1975,  Life after Life, which became an international bestseller.  Glimpses of Eternity is based on stories of people who discovered curious events that took place at deathbeds of their loved ones and brings a subject of shared death experience.  In cases described entire families could see bright light, hear music or watch film like scenes from the life of a loved one. “We are a long way from explaining shared death experiences…” continues Raymond Moody “...And I do  accept that there are those who believe that the supernatural is merely the natural that is not yet explained.”