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The Most Beautiful Book of Summer: 'Graphic Canon Vol. 3'

Book cover image Graphic Canon Volume 3

The Graphic Canon is a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind trilogy of the world's greatest literature as comics and visuals.  Edited by Russ Kick, classic works of literature are reimagined and represented by legendary graphic artists and illustrators.  Kirkus Reviews writes that "this meaty slab is laced with more wit, beauty, social commentary and shock than one might expect....if artists make mythologies, then this volume is genuinely a marriage of equals."

The third volume of this trilogy was released in June and has made its way onto many "Best Books of Summer" lists.  Russ Kick has provided us with some samples of the brilliant artwork featured in these canons via Publishers Weekly.  Enjoy!

book cover image Graphic Canon Volume 1

book cover image Graphic Canon Volume 2