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Social Networks : Will they make you or break you?

book cover image for I know who you are and I saw what you did

Lori Andrews sees social networks as the defining cultural movement of our time. Her recent publication I know who you are and I saw what you did : social networks and the death of privacy is a commentary (and suggested resolution) about the widespread misuse of our personal online data. On the positive side, social networks allow an ordinary individual to alert the world to a natural disaster or political crisis and even capture footage of a crime in action. It allows you to stay connected with friends and family and find possible employment opportunities. On the downside, social networks and the information posted on them can, and do, lead to rejection of college or employment applications or topple careers, marriages, and futures. Unfettered postings can even allow robbers to track your plans and decide when is the best time to break into your home.  Andrew's book is a must read for insight into both sides of the social networking phenomena.