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Are you a warrior?

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Brad Willis was a foreign correspondent for NBC News. For over ten years he was traveling the world on his work assignments, especially to places struck by wars: Afganistan, Colombia, Gulf and he loved that. Right then, when he was in the prime of his life, he had fallen and broken his back, declared permanently disabled. Soon after that came a diagnosis of a terminal cancer. He was told, he had no more than two years to live. Overwhelmed  by chronic pain,  heavily medicated, overweight and deeply depressed  he wanted to end his life. One day his two year old son excited with the perspective of playing in the park with a friend, tugged his hand asking "Daddy, get up". He couldn't play with his son in the park, he couldn't even get up easily but from now on these three words were coming to him more and more often and became his mantra for the years to come. First he agreed for the detox clinic, his family arranged for him. Then was the Pain Clinic with physiotherapy, Biofeedback The ancient practice spoke the loudest to him. From now on he dedicated more and more time to it. Brad self-healed from a broken back and cancer. Today he has Yoga Studio where he teaches Deep Yoga and Ayurveda.
Do not hesitate. Read this beautiful, inspiring and motivating story.: Warrior pose: how yoga (literally) saved my life by Brad Willis.