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Genealogical Epitaphs: Family History on a Gravestone

image of a gravestone

Gravestones can tell us much more about the deceased person than just their birthdate and deathdate.  The following examples of real epitaphs contain interesting family history.

Some have children, some have none.  Here lies the mother of twenty-one.

 Of children in all, she bore twenty-four.  Thank the Lord there will be no more.

Here lies the body of William Strutton of Paddington, buried May 18, 1734, who had by his first wife 28 children, and by a second wife 17, own father to 45 children, grandfather to 86, great grandfather to 97 and great great grandfather to 23, in all, 251.

The man that rests in this grave has had 8 wives, by whom he had 45 children, and 20 grandchildren.  He was born rich, lived and died poor, aged 94 years, July 30th, 1774.   

Here lieth the body of Nicholas Hooks of Conway, gent., who was the one and fortieth child of his father, William Hooks, Esq., by Alice his wife, and the father of seventy and twenty children.  He died the 20th day of March 1637.