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The Metis

book cover Metis in Canada : history, identity, law & politics

After the Powley decision in 2003 Metis people were no longer conceptually limited to the historical boundaries of the fur trade in Canada and the right to hunt for food (at least in the Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding area) was ruled protected under Section 35 of the 1982 Constitution.  But what does it mean to be Metis in Canada today.  In Metis in Canada : history, identity, law & politics you will find twelve essays that address all of your previous unanswered questions and wonderings about the Metis.  For scholars, lay persons, the legal community and anyone interested in understanding or possibly even identifying with the Metis this book will address the many facets of this historical and contemporarily significant native group.  Learn how the "Powley test" finally establishes who qualifies for Metis status and how it can expand into bigger areas like the the right to self-government.  This book is worth a read in its own right to see the Metis grow beyond their designation of fringe groups along the Red River to strong and vibrant communities throughout the country.