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Media Literacy Week Nov.4-9, 2013

internet safety workshop for parents and children ad

As a parent, I am constantly challenged with helping my kids understand, navigate and set boundaries around technology.  It is especially hard when they can go from the laptop to the iPad to the television.  I have my moments of wanting to remove all of them from our home!  But the new reality for parents is that these technologies are here to stay, and although their formats may continue to rapidly change, the skills needed to incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle are paramount. 

Where does a parent start?  I work with technology every day, and yet I find myself asking this question on a regular basis.  As we have prepared to host Media Literacy Week at the Library this year, we asked ourselves this question regularly.  How can the library help families lead that balanced and informed lifestyle with technology?  We think we have found a few helpful things for you.  We hope you’ll let us know what you think.

On today’s CBC kids website is written by Natalia Diaz titled, Want to Raise Media-Savvy Kids? Start Here.  She is also a passionate mother who struggles with these same issues and she emphasizes the importance of keeping the dialogue open with your kids.  Her article references the Media Smarts website, which is a very valuable resource for parents wanting to teach these skills.  It has some great articles and even some fun games to add to the list for kids and teens.  Check out some of thier helpful hints whcih are availalbe on our Media Literacy webpage.

We are also hosting a fantastic program led by our Community partner London Children’s Connection.  This program is for parents and children to attend together to learn about media literacy skills and how to incorporate them into our lives.  It is being offered on Tuesday evening (November, 5) and Saturday afternoon (November 9).  More information about this program, Internet Safety Workshop for Parents and Children, is available on our catalogue.  I am going to the Sherwood class and I hope to take some tips home with me.   Come and join us and see if there are some ideas and inspiration for you as well. 

I’m also interested in how the library can continue to support your role as a media savvy parent.  What would you like to know more about?  What do you feel you need to improve?  Send me an email or tweet back your thoughts and we will work on your ideas.  We’d love to hear from you.

Sarah Andrews

Technology Coordinator, London Public Library