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Celebrate French Women Writers

book Notre-Dame du nil by Scholastique Mukasonga

Scholastique Mukasonga  was born in  Rwanda. She  left her country in 1992 for France, escaping Tutsi genocide. Mukasonga wrote four books. Notre-Dame du Nil : roman  was awarded  in 2012 with Ahmadou Kourouma literary award for African fiction that reflects the spirit of independence and creativity and Prix Renaudot  prestigious French literary award.  The action of this book takes place in the girls boarding school, which is a microcosm that mirrors Rwanda with all its racial, religious and ethnic issues. The book is being filmed.

Linda Le was born in Vietnam. She came to Paris as an adolescent. Her family fled  from North Vietnamese troops in 1968. She is living in France since. Linda Le is a highly acclaimed author of twelve books. She is a recipient of Prix Renaudot 2011 for À l'enfant que je n'aurai pas and prix Goncourt 2012 finalist for Lame de fond.

Carole Martinez a former actress and photographer is a high school teacher. She started to write in 2005. Her books are highly prized by the readers and critics. Carole was awarded with several prestigious literary awards including Prix Renaudot in 2006 for her young adult book Le Cœur cousu  and for Prix Goncourt des Lycéens in 2011 –and Prix Marcel-Aymé 2012 for her book  Du Domaine des Murmures. Her second novel was translated into English and is available under the title The Castle of Whispers.

Maylis de Kerangal, French journalist and literary critic, is the author of five novels. The recent one Naissance d’un pont won in 2010 the Prix Médicis , an award given to young, original authors, who are not widely recognized, yet. Maylis de Kerangal belongs to a group of young writers who, according to The Guardian “reworking plots when it suits them, using fiction or autofiction in their own ways, and inventing new forms when they can”.

Leonora Miano, a Cameroonian author, lives in France since 1991. Her work has been well received by critics and she has won several literary awards . "La Saison de l'ombre", which  explores the loss of loved ones by sub-Saharan Africans during the slave trade was awarded with Femina literary award just few days ago and Grand Prix du Roman Métis earlier this year.

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