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You Can Heal Your Body and Your World with Food

book cover image of voices of the food revolution

John Robbins, the bestselling food activist and his son Ocean authored a new book called Voices of the Food Revolution, which consists of interviews with 21 leaders: doctors, nutritionists,  scientists, activists, visionaries. This remarkable publication brings a lot of information about food and sustainable diet, about the current state and future of our environment in a condensed version. 

Did you know that about a billion of people on earth go hungry every day and about a billion suffer from diseases caused by eating too much fat, too much sugar, too many calories and too much junk?  Did you know that the diet which is good for environment is good for our health? Because, says Dr. Colin Cmpbell, “whole food, plant-based diet with little or no added salt, sugar and fat (…) can prevent or even reverse 70 to 80% of existing symptomatic disease (…) This [dietary] treatment effect broad in scope, exceptionally rapid in response (…) cannot be duplicated by animal based foods, processed foods, or drug therapies”. Ironically improving diet, the simplest help each of us can get, seems to be the most difficult for many people who would rather look for a quick fix for their health problems. “I don’t understand – says Dr. Dean Ornish – why asking people to eat well-balanced, vegetarian diet is considered radical, while it is medically conservative to cut people open and put them on powerful cholesterol-lowering drugs for the rest of their lives”. Did you know the 18% of the entire world greenhouse gas emissions stem from livestock production and this is more than the amount attributable to all cars, trucks, airplanes? This is according to the report of UN Food and Agriculture Organization. However World Bank scientists have found the figure to be even higher – above 50%.  We are killing the oceans, which try to absorb all the excess of greenhouse gasses but it reached its capacity, it is getting more and more acidic, which cause the plankton to die off at alarming rates. Did you know that the major cause of deforestation is not timber companies but giant agribusiness corporation that plant genetically modified soy beans and giant cattle ranches. Did you know that most people would be appalled by the conditions on factory farms where animals are treated like production units not living and feeling creatures? Did you know that laws against cruelty to animals exempts those destined for human consumption? The book provides also a lot of tips for those who want to change their diet and lifestyle. You will find here a list of resources for health and nutrition,  sustainable food, ethical action, transforming food policy and for feeding heart, soul and community.  This is a very important publication and a fascinating reading for all of us.

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