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Nutrition for All

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Cherie Soria and Dan Laderman, owners and operators of the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, nutritionists and health educators,  published recently Raw Food for Dummies. The book has very thorough introduction. Chapter one is exploring basics of the raw food lifestyle: what it is, why is it beneficial for our health. The following chapter continues with tips and advice on how to choose good, nutritious food and what to avoid. They also explain nutrition of raw foods answering the most often asked questions: would I have enough protein, enough calcium, how to get vitamin B12. Chapter four is designed to help those who decided to start raw food diet. Again a lot of information and advice and entire month of meals program. Finally the authors describe the raw food kitchen:  all the necessary gadgets and small appliances, staple ingredients, special ingredients you may want to equip yourself with and even the content of your fridge.  Authors stress on buying organic and local, non GMO foods and explain the reasons for this strategy. The raw food preparation chapter is also very detailed. Different kinds of juicers, food processors and dehydrators are described, advice on growing greens indoors and fermenting foods and tips on balancing flavor, thickening soups and sauces and substituting raw for cooked ingredients are given. The rest of the book provides a lot of great recipes: smoothies, cocktails, wraps, salads, delicious deserts and more… Great resource for everybody.  Whether you consider  to try raw food diet or not, you will find a lot of valuable nutrition information, food preparation tips and tasty meals recipes to try.

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