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Skating in Victoria Park


100 years ago, "a public skating rink was constructed [in Victoria Park] early in the year but only about three weeks skating resulted owing to the mild weather...$20 was spent to rent a wall for the skating rink from Raymond Bros." (Second Annual Report of the Parks Department, City of London, January 1, 1914, pp. 113, 123).  Raymond Bros. was formed in Windsor in 1901 by brothers, Alfred, George and Joseph, with the London branch being opened in 1903 at 172 King Street.  The business, later taken over by nephew Frank Raymond, moved to 182 York Street in 1923 ("Insurance Exec Turns to Tents," London Free Press, November 8, 1983).    This year, 2013, Raymond Brothers has been in business for 110 years and are still making products (tarps) for ice rinks.      




The date of the photograph is 1914 and it appeared on page 75 of the Thirty-Sixth Annual Report of the Public Utilities Commission, City of London, 1914.   

(REF r352.91 L846a - Closed Stacks, London Room)