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Baby it's cold outside

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Baby it's cold outside....

If by now the sounds of angel choirs ding-donging their way across the heavens and stories of shepherds watching their flocks around the clock have worn a little thin on your ears and you're looking for some alternative seasonsal music try a selection from the Library's CD collection like Frank Loesser's, Baby it's cold outside.  This light hearted two-voice contrapuntal vocal setting with piano accompaniment will bring a smile to singers and listeners alike.

This duet was originally composed for the musical comedy film Neptune's Daughter and was debuted  by Ricardo Montalban and Esther Williams.It garnered an Academy Award in 1949 for best song.  Apparently Loesser and his wife would entertain their party guests with this number.  Other notable duos who have recorded this title are: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan, Ray Charles and Betty Carter, Martina McBride and Dean Martin and Canada's Diana Panton and Harrison Kennedy.

If you'd prefer music scores consider The Hilarious Holiday Songbook with titles like the Fruitcake that ate New Jersey and the classic Grandma got run over by a reindeer,  There's bound to be a tune or two that will put a little jingle back in your bells.

Happy holiday listening

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