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Mind over Medicine in the New Year


Mind over Medicine, a new book by Dr. Lissa Rankin, yet one more voice in a rapidly growing trend, which brings the ancient wisdom to us. “We’ve been led to believe that when we get sick, it’s our genetics. Or it’s just bad luck-and doctors alone hold the keys to optimal health”-says the book publisher’s note. Dr. Rankin reminds us that our body has ability to self-repair and such a self-healing mechanism we can control with the power of our mind. The author illustrates this with her own experiences and cases published in medical journals. We are not victims of our genes. This has been proven by epigenetics. There are some other factors that make the difference in healing and one discussed in the book is a nurturing care often not present in the main stream medicine. Dr. Rankin explains how our lifestyle affects our health, lists the work stressors and focuses on emotions acting like disease prevention. Of course those are positive emotions of joy and happiness. Numerous studies confirmed that these along with hopefulness, optimism and a sense of humour result in health and longevity unlike hopelessness with sadness, anger, worry and fear, which  are linked to illness. Finally Dr. Rankin gives us some advice how to elicit the relaxation response, gives the prescription for a radical self-help and identifies six steps to heal yourself. Nice overview of all the tools that help you to stay healthy. Good reading  to start a new year.

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