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Brrrrrrr!!!! It's Cold Outside!!

St. Peter's Cathedral photo black and white

The Daily Advertiser (London) reported the following news item on Wednesday January 29th, 1873 on page 3, column 2:

TWENTY-EIGHT BELOW ZERO - Several early risers inform us that between five and seven o'clock this morning the mercury stood at 28 degrees below zero - indicative of a temperature cool enough to suit the most frigid of dispositions.  The writer's corpus could endure a rise of upwards of a hundred degrees without inconvenience, and we believe the majority of the population would enjoy the change.  At 9 o'clock the mercury rose to ten below zero.


This was not the coldest temperature recorded in London.  According to Dan Brock's book, Fragments From the Forks (p. 36), the lowest temperature recorded in London's history occurred on January 23, 1849 when the mercury dipped down to 40 degrees below zero, Celsius and Fahrenheit.

St. Peter's Cathedral

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