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Polish books not only in Polish

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There are several interesting titles among newly acquired Polish books, which are also available in English. Healthy eating represent Colin Campbell’s revolutionary China Study translated into Nowoczesne zasady odzywiania: przelomowe badanie wplywu zywienia na zdrowie. This is the biggest study ever conducted by the three universities over 20 years on the effect of animal protein on human health.  Widelec  zamiast noza: droga do zdrowia uslana roslinami by Gene Stone is a translation of well-known Forks over Knives written as a companion to the film with the same title. The book promotes whole food, plant-based diet, which has been documented to control or stop most if not all degenerative diseases. Some recipes for tasty and healthy meals are included. Dr.Alejandro Junger is an author of a book Clean, which discuss the importance of cleansing.  The author argues that the majority of common ailments are the direct result of toxic overload. Dr.Junger  a cardiologist, cleanse specialist and leader in the field of integrative medicine developed his own cleansing program, which he describes in the book. Donna Eden is an author of the two interesting books: Podrecznik energetycznego uzdrawiania and Medycyna energetyczna dla kobiet. Both published in English as Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women. Donna is a founder of the Energy Medicine system, which  has its roots in the ancient knowledge and practices like acupuncture, yoga and chi qong. Using Donna’s instructions one can heal oneself by activating  body healing energies and by restoring those which became weak or out of balance. Gary Craig’s Podrecznik EFT or its original version EFT Manual is another powerful self-help resource. EFT –Emotional Freedom Therapy is a simple but powerful meridian based technique often called acupuncture without needles. By tapping meridian points and repeating affirmations one can remove emotional barriers that prevent healing. EFT proved to be successful in treating physical and emotional ailments. More and more psychologists and other therapists incorporate this modality into their practice.


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