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book cover  Net Generation Grown Up Digital

The Net Generation are here, now, in all their digital glory.  They are using technology in ways you could never imagine and they are not passive users. They are actively participating in the distribution of entertainment and information and for the first time historically, youth are the authorities on something really important. From the class room to the marketplace they are changing everything. Don Tapscott's book Grown up digital : how the net generation is changing your world is not just a recap of things you already know it is the result of a $4 million private research study.  So, if you are confused, worried or concerned that your net gener may be lacking in social skills or that your teenager is just a screenager this is the field guide to help you understand this remarkably bright community that has developed right in front of your eyes. A must read for parents, older siblings, educational professionals and employers to help you understand and tap into the Net Gen potential.