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Freedom to Read!


Did you read something today? A book? A magazine? While you were reading, did you take the time to think about how lucky you are to have the freedom to read whatever books, magazines or newspapers you choose? Even here in Canada, where intellectual freedom is guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, lots of reading materials are still under fire. Every year, schools and libraries all over the country are asked to remove books from our shelves based on their content. Books and magazines are regularly challenged at the border. Below are just a few of the titles that were challenged in 2012, according to the Canadian Library Association.
Freedom to Read week (February 23 - March 1) is a chance for Canadians to think about censorship and intellectual freedom, and to celebrate our right to choose what we read every day! This year marks Freedom to Read's 30th year fighting censorship in Canada - click here to see their list of 30 titles that have been recently challenged.
Many of our library locations have put together displays to show you just how many of your favourite titles have been challenged. Visit your local branch and learn more about Freedom to Read!  Check out the Freedom to Read website at