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Why negative emotions harm our physical and mental health?


It is not a secret to anybody that our emotions have a powerful effect on our physical health. "I didn't believe in it when I started out 40 years ago," says Martin Seligman, expert in the field of positive psychology "But the data has grown year after year, and it's become a scientific certainty." Good feelings, have healing effects on the body, and bad repressed emotions – destructive effects. There are many methods, techniques to deal with everyday stress like for example relaxation, meditation, visualization. There are also methods to deal with the old, buried, repressed emotions, the luggage many of us drag behind for years. This part seems to be more difficult as it requires recognition first. Then we can try positive affirmations, emotional freedom technique and many other alternative medicine modalities. If you are interested in this topic, join us on Wednesday, March 5 at 7 pm in the Stevenson & Hunt meeting room, Central Library for a program called Break Free with Awakenings. Dr. Kevin Morrison, a local chiropractor will talk about the effect of emotions on physical health and his method called Awakenings. Program is free and no registration required.