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Stage fright


What do these world renowned  performers  - Adele, Carly Simon, Megan Fox , Hayden Panettiere, Barbara Streisand, Brian Wilson and Sir Laurence Olivier have in common?  It's not their musical or acting styles. They have all been plagued by stage fright  also known as  performance anxiety and have openly  shared their plight with their fans. To see them on stage you'd never know they struggle with pre-concert jitters. So how are they able to deliver convincing performances in spite of dreaded nervousness? You can read  this  recent article in the Huffington Post in which those artists share their stories.

If you're a performer, an athlete or a student preparing for exams and you find it challenging to give it your best, the London Public Library has a variety of books and articles on this topic that discuss ways of coping with performance stress.  After all the show must go on.