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Canada Reads - Annabel


We've reached the end of our journey through the 2014 Canada Reads titles, and our final book is Kathleen Winter's Annabel, a beautifully written tale about gender roles and coming of age.

The story begins in 1968, in remote coastal Labrador. A woman gives birth to a mysterious child, who appears to be neither boy nor girl, but both at the same time. The parents decide to raise the child as male, and he is christened Wayne. Wayne is raised by his father in the frigidly masculine lifestyle of trapping and hunting, but his female side, whom he calls Annabel, is always present, and is indeed secretly nurtured by his mother and other females in his life. As Wayne grows up, he struggles to take control of his body and his identity.

Annabel will be defended by Sarah Gadon, one of Canada's most promising young actors.

Canada Reads 2014 will air on television, on the radio and online March 3-6. Click here to see how you can tune in!