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End of the Line - documentary looks at future of our food

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A Documentary

Did you know that modern fishing is destroying ocean ecosystems?

Did you know that current worldwide fish consumption is unsustainable?

Did you know that oceans are in crisis that oceanic zooplankton and marine phytoplankton production are in decline?

Three quarters of global fish stock worldwide are suffering from overfishing. This  is a multifaceted problem caused by: technological advances, political indecisiveness, and commercial interests. Logbooks do not report true catches, fines for overfishing are often not enforced, pirate fishing and regulatory problems exist worldwide.

The endangered species of fish like, for example, the bluefish tuna are still allowed to be fished.  Trawling, the most popular technique of commercial fishing is severely damaging a sea floor habitat.  A net placed 8 inches into the seabed takes everything indiscriminately, not only fish but all the other living creatures and destroys marine habitats.  This commercially-unviable stuff is called bycatch and is simply thrown away.

Contemporary technology used for the fishing industry is comparable to that of modern warfare. Systems of satellite technology such as Global Positioning, computers, boats with improved engines, nets, and lines.

 Is there anything we can do? What can we do? I believe so, we can always vote with our bucks and our forks

Join us for the screening of an interesting and vitally important documentary: The End of the Line on Wednesday, March 12 at 7 pm in the Stevenson & Hunt room, Central Library.

You may also be interested in reading:

The End of the Line by Charles Clover, Billion dollar fish: the untold story of Alaska pollock by Kevin M. Bailey, and Four fish: the future of the last wild food by Paul Greenberg.

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