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The earth bound astronaut

book cover image Lights of mankind the earth at night as seen from space

That's me.  The Earth bound astronaut.  That is pretty well most of us.  Earth bound but fascinated with the sky, the stars and the universe.  What would it look like if you could see Earth from space?  Well, hold on because your space ticket has arrived.   Douglas Keeney's great new book  Lights of mankind : the Earth at night as seen from space is a collection of images that has been made possible by new camera technology and an Internet-wired space station.  High-resolution photos from a station moving 17,500 miles an hour some 240 miles above the Earth's surface.  Remarkable. Stunning images.  Keeney has selected 400 of the best images from a selection of over 300,000 and they will leave you breathless. With the sun down the planet is aglow with the lights of human civilization.  If you love great pictures, science, space or you are just curious what we look like from up there then this is the book to get.  This is an opportunity our predecessors would never have dreamed possible.  Thanks to NASA and its astronauts and Keeney's work  you can now be an Earth bound astronuat and see the Earth as never before.   Not to be missed.