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Soraya's story

book cover image Gaddafi's Harem

Soraya was just fifteen when she was selected to honour Colonel Gaddafi with the presentation of flowers when he visited her school. Gaddafi placed his hand on her head when he received the flowers, a signal that he wanted this one.  The next day they came. Soraya was shuffled to Gadaffi's palatial compound near Tripoli where she became one of many who were raped, abused and degraded by Gaddafi.  Protected by use of a pseudonym Le Monde special correspondent Annick Cojean's book Gaddafi's Harem gives voice to Soraya's story.   The story is supplemented with interviews with other women who were subjects of Gaddafi's cruelty and abuse. Tragic and heart wrenching as it is the release of this book in Libya in Arabic is a ray of hope for a troubled nation.