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Add some life to your food with sprouting

book cover image

Homegrown Sprouts this is a title of a new book by Rita Galchus. What are sprouts? Are they important for anything, to anybody? Why are we talking about them? Rita Galchus was once asking those questions herself, like many other people. Many years ago she attended a sprouting class and immediately fell in love with those little plants. In 2000 she started her own sprouting business. This book is the expression of the years of her experience.Sprouts are called the living superfoods because they contain a high level of nutrients and enzymes, which make them easy to assimilate by the body.Is it expensive? No. Is it easy? Yes. Everybody equipped in a mason jar can start sprouting . Homegrown Sprouts is a manual, a detailed guide to make the process successful for anybody. Part one is called: What you need to start sprouting and is describing all kinds of sprouting equipment. Part two: How to sprout is larger and divided into several chapters which talk about different kinds of seeds and sprouts for example bean and legumes, grains, gelatinous seeds or grasses. There is also an important chapter on safe-handling practices, trouble shooting and storing ready to eat sprouts. Author explains how to use different sprouting tools: bags, jars, sprouters for different seeds. There is even information about growing sprouts for pets. The book ends with some serving suggestions. Just a few recipes since one can eat sprouts by themselves and with any meal possible. Good book for everybody no matter if you are vegan, vegetarian, meat eater or follower of any other special diet. With help of a Homegrown Sprouts you can add some life to your food!