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The Austen Project

Have you heard of The Austen Project? Well-known publisher Harper Collins has commissioned re-tellings of six of Jane Austen's classic literary novels. The project started in October of last year with Joanna Trollope's version of Sense and Sensibility. Next up will be a reinvention of Northanger Abbey by Val McDermid, due out this spring. And in the fall of 2014, Curtis Sittenfeld will be releasing her version of the classic Pride and Prejudice.

This isn't the first time Austen's works have been reminagined. Quirk Classics created similar satires with works like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, where Austen's original texts are supplemented with passages about flesh-eating undead and giant octopi.

So what do you think? Are these revisions a good way to keep Austen and other classic authors relevant? Or are the original texts the only way to go?