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Taking Liberties: A History of Human Rights in Canada

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Taking Liberties: A History of Human Rights in Canada
Edited by David Goutor & Stephen Heathorn

Not surprisingly, many Canadians often take for granted the tolerant and peaceable society that we live in. We also have a habit of not taking a deeper look at that assumption – are we really as tolerant and peace-loving as we think?

In this collection of essays, the authors of Taking Liberties take a deeper look into the history of Canadian human rights events - from the War Measures Act and Japanese internment to the tragedies of Aboriginal residential schools - and debate how they have shaped and informed current Canadian politics, the economy and most significantly, our international image as a tolerant, open society.

“Canada has embraced human rights recently to a remarkable degree, developing … ‘the most sophisticated human rights legal regime in the world’” (Goutor & Heathorn) - but the road to here was a difficult one indeed.