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Getting Away with Murder!


A Presentation on Forensics and History by Author Debra Komar

Dr. Debra Komar applies modern forensic science to historic murder cases in her series of books that take a new look at some of Canada’s oldest and most notorious murders.

In her re-examination of cases from the 19th century, Dr. Komar looks at how cutting edge investigative methods are revealing new conclusions in old cases and how far Canada has come in the search for justice.

The Lynching of Peter Wheeler is Komar’s new book, the second title in the four-book series. A new look at footprints and blood analysis in this case proves that, in the haste for justice, an innocent man was convicted and executed in 1896. The case was one of the first in Canada to introduce forensic evidence in a courtroom

Dr. Komar has worked as a forensic anthropologist for over 20 years in the US, UK and Canada, investigating human-rights violations cases for the United Nations and Physicians for Human Rights, and testifying as an expert witness in The Hague and across North America. She is author of the authoritative Forensic Anthropology: Contemporary Theory and Practice published by Oxford University Press.


Getting Away with MurderThe Lynching of Peter Wheeler Book Launch and Presentation
Wednesday, April 2 at 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Wolf Performance Hall, Central Library, 251 Dundas Street
No registration required.


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