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The psychology of sex, drugs and music


You are invited to a Sex, Drugs and Rock’n Roll party!

Well…not exactly.

We are not going to listen to Ian Drury music… or maybe we will… We might listen to some music, who knows. We definitely will listen to the three great talks on the effect of sex, drugs and music on humans. On three consecutive Thursdays this month, starting April 10, Western University's Psychology faculty will explain why the "Sex Drugs and Rock'n Roll" mantra of the 60's refers to much more than pop culture. Rather, it acknowledges the pursuit of pleasure - hedonism with its peaks and perils - as a central part of human nature.

Dr.William Fisher, a Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Psychology and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Western University whose research has focused on gender differences in sexuality, sexual function and dysfunction, the impact of pornography on behavior, and interventions to reduce HIV/AIDS risk behavior will present a talk: Scientific Study of Sex on April 10. The study seeks to advance our understanding of the fundamental factors in the minds and bodies of individuals, their relationships, and in their social surroundings that influence sexual behaviour. Dr. Fisher will introduce key research methods in this field, its historical high points and several important findings.

Dr.Riley Hinson who conducts basic and applied research on drug addiction and has been the academic representative on the Constituency Board of the Center for Addiction and Mental Health, who teaches a large course on "Drugs and Behavior" and has developed and now teaches a Community Service Learning course on Addictions will talk on April 17 on the topic: Addiction: It's What you Expect.  Although there are many factors that contribute to drug addiction, this talk will focus on the important role that expectancies play in drug tolerance, physical dependence, cravings and relapse.  The talk will include basic research findings and a discussion of the implications of these findings for drug treatment and recovery.

Dr. Jessica Grahn investigates how music affects brain and behavior. Her topics include: how music makes us move, why music causes us to feel emotions, and whether music can benefit neurological patients. Her research uses both brain imaging and behavioural techniques. Dr Grahn presentation called: Music on the Brain: Why Music Moves us, will be on on April 24. She will discuss some research while answering the question: Why do humans 'feel' music deeply and emotionally, when it is simply organized patterns of sound?

Join us in the Stevenson & Hunt room on Thursdays April 10 – 24 at 7 pm for the series of talks called: Sex, Drugs and Rock'n Roll.
This program is our annually occurring series called: Psychology the Science of Being Human.