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Mrs. Becher of Thornwood

image of thornwood estate

Thornwood Estate

150 years ago on April 1st, 1864, Mrs. Sarah Becher of Thornwood donated sundry articles of wearing apparel to the Protestant House of Refuge (London Free Press, April 1st, 1864, p. 3).  Mrs. Becher died a few months later on November 24th.  Also mentioned in this article are Mrs. Adam Hope who donated two barrels of apples, Mrs. Hellmuth, blankets and sheets, Mrs. Labatt, pillow-cases and sheets, Mr. Eldridge, 5.5 loaves of bread and Mr. W. Warren, one pair of scissors.   On March 8th, 1864, Mrs. Margaret Anne Cronyn applied to the government of Upper Canada to incorporate the Ladies' Protestant House of Refuge.  In April 1865, the Protestant House of Refuge Association was organized and the house of refuge reopened in December 1865. 

Does anyone know more information about this house of refuge - where it was?, when it ceased operating?, etc.

To learn more about the Becher family and Thornwood, please attend the next general meeting of the London and Middlesex Historical Society on Wednesday April 16th, 2014 at 7:30 pm in the Middlesex County Building (the old courthouse). 



Thornwood Estate