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Poetry London contest winner Stan Burfield


Stan Burfield's poem Concerning our Glorious Future won 2nd place in Poetry London's Annual Poetry Contest.  

Concerning our Glorious Future
As I lift the spoon
from this morning’s coffee
I feel the same long pull of time
that my father did
my mother
that their parents did
and theirs
a chain rattling down
into the well so far
I cannot imagine.
And up, out of that darkness
into this present,
all of it --
the slow ages of our reptilian forebears,
our fearful hominid ancestors,
the entire charging ascent of Man --
comes to a juddering halt
at this drop
of coffee
from this spoon.

We are stranded here
at the endpoint
of time, banging
our heads
on the ceiling.

~Stan Burfield


Stan Burfield is the organizer and founder of London Open Mic Poetry Night, a monthly reading/open mic poetry series in London.  He grew up on a farm in Alberta and owned a flower shop with his wife in Vancouver for eighteen years before moving to London in 2008.  This is Stan's first time entering a poetry contest and he is pleasantly surprised to have won!

About the poem:  Concerning our Glorious Future  was written about 1995 while sitting at my desk at the flower auction at six in the morning listening to the cloud of chatter from the two hundred other buyers banked in their seats below me down to the wagons of flowers they were buying from.  Very sleepy, my mind drifted from the present hubbub and the view of the tops of so many heads to where they came from, to their parents before them, and then back through time.

All of the winning poems are on display at London Public Library as part of National Poetry Month celebrations.

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Click on the image below to download a pdf copy of the poem, Concerning our Glorious Future.