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Poetry London contest winner Trevor Fowler


Trevor Fowler's poem Late Winter at the Forks won an Honourable Mention in Poetry London's Annual Poetry Contest. 


Late Winter at the Forks

The cool-cracked veins
of late winter lightning
give the briefest
surest signal

Askunessippi is
slowly stretching

graygreen lowlands
in flits of gray
in the flotsam
    and green
gestures of moss
on the bank edge
veins of peach-skinned antlers

a deep March prelude
to the stamping rushing
spring the
sounds of
   the river herd

~Trevor Fowler

About the poem: This poem is about the potency and potential of a real moment - a lightning strike over the still-snowy forks of the Thames in March.  In that moment, I saw a crack in the armour of winter and a herald of the energy and renewal of spring.  It struck me (pun intended) as something deep and vital and worth writing about.  I don't think poems should obscure ideas; I think they should use the complementary languages of form, meter and symbol (among others) to make clear ideas that are otherwise difficult to describe.  I hope that happened.

All of the winning poems are on display at London Public Library as part of National Poetry Month celebrations.

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Click on the image below to download a pdf copy of the poem, Late Winter at the Forks