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Heal the Earth One Garden at a Time


Join us for this exciting three part program on permaculture Heal the Earth One Garden at a Time: a spring and new gardening season celebration and ongoing Earth Day feast.  All talks will be in the Stevenson & Hunt room A, Central Library, starting at 7 pm. No fee or registration required.

Permaculture isn’t a new idea. Many of the central principles and practices of permaculture have been used by humans for thousands of years. In the past few decades, these practices and principles have been disparaged and forgotten. Now is the time to re-learn and re-skill so the future for all beings on Earth is positive, healthy, and fair.

Permaculture 101 (Thursday, May 8) will focus on permaculture philosophy. What is different about this way of viewing the world?   How can this philosophy help to heal the Earth? In a time when the threats of climate change are serious and real, permaculture can provide hope for a new way of engaging with the Earth.  We will explore permaculture ethics and principles and examine the different worldview it offers.

Design Your Space to Heal the Earth (Wednesday May 14) will look at some of the practical applications of permaculture that you can implement in your own garden.  I will help guide you in designing a permaculture-inspired space - no matter how big or small your garden.  Some of the topics we will explore include no-till gardening, gardening for wildlife and pollinators, edible landscaping, and indoor and outdoor composting.

Creating Communities to Change the World (Wednesday, May 28) will look at permaculture as a worldwide movement that is helping to create positive changes for people and the environment. We will look at some vibrant and inspiring projects and organizations that are creating new ways for people to organize their neighbourhoods, cities, and societies. Some the examples will include ones happening right here in London, Ontario. 

And here is what the series presenters, Becky Ellis, says about her upcoming talks:

Permaculture is a philosophy and practice that aims to help people go beyond sustainability to truly heal the Earth.Human societies do not have to be destructive towards nature - we can be a part of creating an ecologically-balanced and healthy Earth. Permaculture design attempts to create human spaces that mimic natural ecosystems in order to create healthy, living, and diverse spaces. In this series of talks, I will explore the ways in which permaculture can help people bring the philosophy of permaculture to life in their backyards and in their neighbourhoods. All three talks will provide lots of opportunity for questions, discussion, and engagement.


Some great books to read about permaculture include:

Gaia’s Garden: a guide to home-scale permaculture

The Vegetable Gardener’s Guide to Permaculture: creating an edible eco-system

Food not Lawns: our to turn your yard into a garden and your neigbourhood into a community

book cover imagebook cover imagebook cover image