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Springbank Streetcar Service

street car from 1896

165 years ago on May 16th, 1849, the Town Council of London declared, "That it is the opinion of this meeting that Thursday the 24th of May should be kept as a general holiday, it being the anniversary of Her Majesty's birth." 

47 years later on May 23rd, 1896, streetcar service into Springbank Park began.  

On Monday May 25th, 15,000 Londoners travelled to Springbank to celebrate Victoria Day.  London's population at the time was 34,855. 

In the evening, the "best ever" display of fireworks west of Hamilton was given and six special streetcars took passengers back to London. 

To learn more about streetcars, please attend a talk by Arthur McClelland at the Central library on November 18th, 2014.       

street car from 1896

Glossy print of a streetcar on the Springbank line, passing by Woodland Cemetery on the right and the Thames River on the left. The number 32 is on the front of the car.