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"Queen's Park Now Open!"

black and white photo of Western Fairgrounds

135 years ago on May 26th, 1879, London Mayor Robert Lewis offically opened Queen's Park on the site of the former Salter's Grove in London East. 

A crowd of 5,000 people (London's population was 19,666 in 1879) watched foot races, quoits and a series of lacrosse games between the London Club and the Waubunakee Indian Club of Munceytown.   

The Western Fairgrounds now occupies the site. 



black and white photo of Western Fairgrounds

This lithograph appeared on p. 71 of  Illustrated London:  City of London Ontario Canada, the Pioneer Period and the London of Today by Archibald Bremner.  2nd ed.  originally printed and published by the London Printing and Lithographing Company (Limited) in October 1900; reprinted by the London Public Library Board to commemorate Canada's centennial in 1967