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The End of Dieting

book cover image: The End of Dieting

 The beginning of a nutrarian lifestyle

The End of Dieting by Dr. Joel Fuhrman is another book in which he is once more trying to communicate his message about healthy eating. “When I sat down to write this book, I simply wanted to educate and motivate people to achieve superior health…”.

Dr. Fuhrman is focusing on nutritional value of foods. Choosing superior nutrition is a nutrarian way of eating, which he promotes. He even developed his own ANDI scale (aggregate nutrient density index), which illustrates which natural foods have the highest nutrient per calorie density.

Part one of the book called Toxic Hunger describes food addictions describing common physical symptoms of withdrawal between the meals and a short food addict test. He debunks diet myths focusing on standard American, Paleo, Mediterranean, and low fat diets.

Did you know that there are foods which fight fat? There is a list of them included. Oh, don’t expect anything strange and uncommon. You will find there onion and garlic, cauliflower and tomato among others.

Dr.Fuhrman’s advice is clearly coming from the years of work with his patients. One of them is to avoid the moderation myth. So obvious but often ignored. Why? If it comes to toxic food there is no such thing as a safe amount….

Second part of the book explains power of real food. The author isolated G-BOMBS – immune- boosting superfoods that make the body cancer proof. They are: Greens, Beans, Onions,Mushrooms, Berries and Seeds.

The last part of the book gives guidelines for the nutratian diet style, describes samples of menu and provides several recipes. There is even a table of international flavors and foods, so one can easily compose their own Asian, Moroccan or Thai meal. Are you ready for California Creamed Kale and Banana Mango Sorbet or maybe Black-Eyed Collards and Summer Fruit Pie?

Try it, try the new nutrarian approach to eating because “only the optimal choice of food can result in optimal health”.