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Famous "Arthur's" Visit to London

book cover image of sir arthur conan doyle

Famous Author Plagued by "Paparazzi" During 1914 Visit to London

100 years ago on June 5th, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, visited London with his wife, Lady Jean, during their two-week trip in Canada enroute to Jasper Park by train. The Grand Trunk Train No. 13 stopped briefly in London and after being pestered by reporters, Conan Doyle emerged from his private car.  He declared, "You fellows are a nuisance" and reluctantly answered the barrage of questions.  He also deplored the death of Lawrence Irving which had just occurred during the sinking of the Empress of Ireland on May 29th.  He had personally known Mr. Irving.

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book cover image of sir arthur conan doyle