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A window on eternity

book cover: A window on eternity

Edward O. Wilson's new book A window on eternity : a biologist's walk through Gorongosa National Park  is a book of hope for the future of the planet and a lot of that hope lies with the generations that have grown up to a world in shambles.

He glimpses eternity in the paradise of Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique and, accompanied by a person he meets there, shares experiences of the visible and invisible web of life.

This book is on many levels a book of hope for all of us and there are lessons in here that will benefit us now and for the future. Learn why Africa "needs" its elephants and why the planet needs more natural reserves.

You will be moved with his passion and resolve. I challenge you to read this book and not be moved by his fervent belief that nature and natural spaces are the birthright of everyone on Earth.