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Hood: A Novel

Book cover image:  Hood

Penelope O'Grady and Cara Wall are risking disaster. 

In a Dublin convent school in the 1970's they fall in love. 

After 13 years of an in the closet relationship Penn must grieve silently when an accident rips Cara from her life. 

Emma Donoghue's Hood is an examination of this relationship and an exploration of the imperfections of love and how it can dominate our lives as we grow and change. 

Over the course of one surreal week of bereavement Penn relieves the memories, the secrets, bickering, infidelities and even the humiliating memories as she tries to figure out how she will remake her life. 

Donoghue does not disappoint with this tale of grief, love, lust, frustration and hilarity, death and family. 

Donoghue crafts a masterpiece in this narrative.