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Hold Your Breath!!

Christie Brothers as boys

90 years ago today, July 10, 1924, the first Canadian showing of Al and Charles Christie's first feature-length six-reel comedy, Hold Your Breath, opened at the Allen Theatre, 204 Dundas Street.  

The Christie brothers were born in London and grew up here before they moved to Hollywood, California in 1911 where they formed their own movie studio known as the Christie Film Company

Next to Mack Sennett and Hal Roach, Al Christie was the most prolific and best-known producer of short silent comedies. 

The storyline for Hold Your Breath involves a young woman, Dorothy Devore, who takes over her brother's job as a newspaper reporter and finds herself involved in a jewelry heist by an agile monkey. 

Only a 33-minute version of the original hour-long movie survives.      

- Arthur    

A Movie Review by Walter Albert: Hold Your Breath (1924).

A Commentary by Silents Are Golden: Hold Your Breath (1924).

Alfred Christie (sitting), born in London in 1881; and his brother, Charles Christie, born in 1879 in London - photo taken in 1880s by Edy Brothers, 214 Dundas Street, London.
Photo of Al Christie taken in early 1900s by Frank Cooper, London, Ontario.

Christie Brothers as boys

Al Christie before Hollywood