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Gay men's health and wellness

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Whether travelling to places afar or staying in the country Dr. Spinelli's book The Advocate Guide to Gay Men's Health and Wellness is a comprehensive reference and referral book that covers health issues for gay men. 

Find out what is fact and what is a fallacy about subjects that for many still remain hard to talk about. 

With a focus on prevention this work provides gay men of all ages the blueprint to becoming active participants in their own health care. 

Dr. Spinelli advocates that "all gay men should be empowered with a working knowledge of their health, sexuality, and lifestyle.  Only this will empower them to make sound decisions to promote their wellness". 

Divided into three main categories Gay Health Care, Gay Sex, Gay Culture, with their own sub-sections, this guide is one you will seriously consider purchasing for your own library. 

Check it out.  I am sure you will agree.