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Beach Read!

Book Cover Image - Save the Date

My summer reading list would not be complete without the latest book from Mary Kay Andrews. Save the Date is another wonderfully warm, funny, romantic read that's a must for your beach bag.

Andrews populates her books with lovable, quirky characters that you wish you could actually count among your friends.

In Save the Date, we meet Cara Kryzik, a florist trying to make a go of her fledgling business in Savannah. She lands one big society wedding that could make or break her reputation - and her bank account. Can she pull it off? Or will fate conspire against her? Her landlord wants to sell her building, her loan is being called in and her trusted assistant is acting funny. Then a well known 'society' florist opens a shop in Savannah, determined to put Cara out of business..... And what about that builder that 'kidnapped' her dog? And why is he at every wedding she's working?

I was captured from first page to last. All the elements are there - a main character you can't help but cheer for, a hunky guy, that will they, they won't they romantic storyline, an eclectic supporting cast and an antagonist you can't help but dislike! All of it is wrapped up in distinctly enjoyable dialogue and situations, making Save the Date a sweet, easy, breezy read.

I really enjoyed some of the wedding ideas and descriptions and learned quite a bit about flowers as well. Andrews's books are set in the South, where she herself makes her home. Her descriptions of time and place make me want to visit the settings.(Or in the case of Tybee Island - move there)

My usual fare is mysteries and thrillers, but I enjoy a good 'chick lit' book. Andrews always fills the bill - and for this reader, Save the Date was a really good read, perfect for sitting in the sun!~~Luanne~~