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3 Books on Their Way


One of the benefits of my job is that I often get to see the books before they hit the shelves. This morning three books caught my eye.

book cover image 

This is the "inspiring true story of the bond between a feisty octogenarian and the man in charge of building an enormous shopping mall around her home." Sounds fun, so I'll be putting a hold on that one.

Next up was a trip down memory lane with Monty Python - 

Everything I ever needed to know about______ I learned from Monty Python.

I was trying to explain Monty Python to my daughter recently, so this book jumped out at me - lots of funny memories.

Last, was the eye-catching cover of this book on metal jewellry making. The photos are gorgeous and I'll likely peruse it. Who knows, maybe I'll even make something!

The Complete Photo Guide to Making Metal Jewelry