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The Earth's Plant Communities


Plants and Climate Change

There are certain environmental words or phrases that can sometimes make you cringe.

Partly because we read, see, hear them all the time and partly because we feel bombarded with predictions, forecasts, warnings and admonishments about the world around us and our individual roles. 

But what is the truth of the matter?  Which sources should we be listening to? Is it all doomsday? 

Our plant communities can answer that question.  Join Ralph Graham for Plants and Climate Change on Tuesday, September 16,  2014 at 7pm.

This presentation will be a candid and poignant  talk about the planet's temperature, the adaption of plant communities and the earth's changing climate.  Citing the International Panel on Climate Change you will hear an analysis of the temperature record and what the plants are telling us. 

This program is a fact filled, well researched and significant contribution to finally understanding the dynamics of climate change.