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A Throneless King

book cover image: Confucius: A throneless King


Some people love to quote famous persons and Confucius is one of those, of far reaching fame. 

Even back when I was a child I would hear "Confucius says... " though for the life of me I can't remember any of the sayings.  

Recently I came across Meher McArthur's Confucious: A Throneless King and decided now is the time to learn more about this man whose teachings are with us over 2,500 years after his time. 

One amazing fact about his life is that even before his birth his mother - a teenage concubine - received a prophecy from the local fortune-teller that she would give birth to a "throneless king." 

This book looks at both the philosophical and ethical teachings of Confucius as well as discussing his life and times. 

From an illegitimate birth to the founder of social structures that still exist Confucius, throne or not, remains a King among mankind. 

A great read.