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A little known American dynasty

book cover image: Sons of Wichita

Sons of Wichita

When I came across Daniel Schulman's Sons of Wichita : how the Koch brothers became America's most powerful and private dynasty I was beyond curious as to who were these people. 

It made me feel slightly better to learn that little is publicly known about these four brothers, their origins, their lives and their money even though they are one of the most influential dynasties of the modern age. 

Two of the four brothers own a powerful corporation bigger than Boeing and Disney that has made them two of the wealthiest men on the planet. The other two brothers also did quite well, one building a multi-billion dollar empire and the other living a very private life as an arts patron refurbishing historic homes and estates.  

It is a terrific story of their inheritance from a father who bequeathed his fortune to his sons stating "it may either be a blessing or a curse."  It seems it was both. 

If, like myself, you are just hearing about this family you are not alone. This is the first major biography about this wealthy and powerful family and the dynamics of their relationships both professional and personal.  

This book is well worth your time. 

A great read.