Get your exercise mojo working


Are you up for the Challenge?

I have lost my exercise mojo so many times it is not even funny.  Sometimes I wonder if I am ever, ever going to get into, and stay into, this exercise thing.  Because, you see, for me it is work.  Physical work.  I'm a thinker not a doer (at least this is one of my bail out excuses). For the last week I have floundered and even found myself thinking I could be doing a great crossword puzzle instead of bouncing up and down like a jack rabbit.  But, that was until I learned that the City of London's In motion Community Challenge is upon us.  I love a good challenge.

Here's the scoop.

Everyone in London and Middlesex County is challenged to get active in a 31-day physical activity challenge during the month of October. Exercise alone, or with friends, family or community members.

1. Set a goal.  Mine is simple: 10 minutes of exercise every day without missing. For me, that's a big challenge because I am a master of excuses.

2. Track your activity. You can download the FREE in motion™ Community Challenge App (available at or the app store) or you can do like me and pick up a paper tracking tool at local locations including here at London Public Library.

3. Submit your form by the first week of November.

You can find out how we did when the final results are announced on

And remember, motivation is something that needs to be cultivated on a daily basis. Here is an opportunity to stay motivated for 31days. Who knows, maybe it will rejuvenate that exercise mojo long past the end of October!