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Reagan at Reykjavik

book cover image for Reagan at Teykjavik : forty-eight hours that ended the Cold War

48 Hours that Ended the Cold War

An historic meeting by President Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev over a two day summit in Reykajavik, Iceland in 1986 was the turning point in the Cold War.

These two days led to the creation of the most sweeping arms accord in history. 

Ken Adelman- Reagan's arms control director and a key player in that world changing event - has written a scrupulously researched book (now based on declassified material).  Reagan at Reykjavik : forty-eight hours that ended the Cold War is the gripping tale of that weekend. 

The publisher notes that this is "Reagan at one of his finest and most challenging moments" and it is, as stated, a point in time that changed the course of history.

This is an up-close account of powerful leaders at a world changing meeting.

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