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Pollinator Champions


Plight of Pollinators: making London pollinator friendly.

Pollinators are critical to our ecosystems and pollinators are responsible for an estimated one-third of the food that people eat. We are currently in a pollinator crisis. The loss of habitat, use of pesticides, climate change and disease is devastating the pollinator population.

Everyone must pay attention. Pollinators ensure the reproductive success of plants and in doing so our food chain and the food supply and survival of wild life that depend on these plants for both food and shelter.

Please join us on November 25, when Dr. Laurence Packer, a renowned bee specialist, will present a talk called "Plight of Pollinators: making London pollinator friendly." His presentation will be followed by an expert panel to discuss conservation and restoration strategies in the city.

Together, with the proper information and willingness to help, we can all become pollinator champions.