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The Universe

book cover image - the universe : leading sientist explore the origin, mysteries, and future of the cosmos

Have you ever wondered what came before the Big Bang? 

Well you won't learn about that from our sitcome friends but you can get an insight from editor John Brockman's new book The Universe : leading scientists explore the origin, mysteries, and future of the cosmos

Brockman has brought together the world's best-know physicists and science writers to explain the universe in all of its glory, wonder and splendor. 

Whether your interest lies in learning what we already understand about our universe or staying abreast of current research and discoveries this is a great book to bring you up to speed as the universe unfolds, along with our knowledge and understanding of it.  

There is something of interest for almost everyone in this compilation of view points, theories and perspectives from these great minds. 

Explore the universe with them as they share what it is, how it came into being, and what may happen next.