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Murder most ghastly

book cover image: naming Jack the ripper

There is no doubt there is a fascination we have with understanding the working minds of murderers, killers and especially serial killers.

We love to watch and read the process involved in sorting out the clues and tracking them down, hopefully before they committ another crime. 

With serial killers, especially ones like Jack the Ripper, it can take years to eventually solve the case (if we are that lucky).  

In 2007 author Edwards Russell purchased what was purported to be a shawl found at the fourth Jack the Ripper crime scene to help identify the notorious serial killer. 

In Naming Jack the Ripper : new crime scene evidence, a stunning forensic breakthrough, the killer revealed you will learn about the crimes committed - from Birkenhead to Brick Lane -  and the new information gleaned as a result of improvements in forensic science. 

If true crime stories appeal to you this one will keep you spell bound.

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